About Us

GeoResults is a telecom database marketing and consulting firm that focuses on national telecom database products and services and customized telecom solutions to help our clients achieve profitable business growth by providing both professional marketing expertise and a comprehensive database product line. Our skilled and talented staff of professionals have successfully designed customized databases, analysis reports, telecom boundary products, and affordable web services to our clients for over a decade.

GeoResults longevity and success has been achieved through delivering high quality products, accurately meeting clients requirements, and providing world class customer service. We take pride in the fact that our solutions allow our clients to make better decisions and find success from our efforts. Our data is the most accurate available due to our wide-ranging series of data cleansing and verification processes to enhance the overall quality and usability of the information we provide to you.

The GeoResults database product line combined with our professional marketing expertise can support your campaign objectives and budget. Our comprehensive national database products contain information on over:

20 million commercial building locations

100 million residential building locations

120 million residential records

200 million households records

1.6 Million Telecommunication Locations